Social Responsability

In Siatigroup corporate social responsibility is an inherent part of our organizational culture that governs us, it translates into a strong commitment and deep ethical convictions that are projected in the social and environmental interaction with vulnerable groups. We are quite convinced that our future is tied in very important way to care for the environment and our commitment to society.

From this year we started our Green Day! Campaign aimed at our employees through internal bulletins broadcast media in order to encourage and promote ideas that will help the environment and allow us to improve.

Our company works with the Asonic Foundation (Ecuadorian Association of parents of children and adolescents with cancer). Each year we sponsor a child who is being treated for cancer, groceries are delivered to the shelter, are active members in the Race for Life which is held annually, and this year we participated in the Championship of inter Football "Playing for Beto house "

Furthermore, we support the SOS Villages Foundation for recovery homes. With our contribution they can work with families and communities that are within the program, supporting their development and empowerment in order to prevent child abandonment.

We have internal campaigns as Siatirecicla, where you work on the importance of resources and the reuse, recycling and reducing materials such as paper, cardboard, bottles are promoted. It measured annually the volume of materials that have been recycled and the proceeds go to our Asonic Foundation.

In May our Siatisiembra campaign was conducted, and were part of the Siembratón organized by the Ministry of Environment. This activity was supported Tabacundo a community, where they were able to plant 428 trees for this sector.

To Siatigroup, corporate social responsibility is very important in our present and future agenda, as part of our quality culture that mentions the importance of sustained growth, understanding this as the ability to invest resources of the present without compromising the ability to meet needs of future generations.